Remove tea & coffee stains naturally

I love a good hot cuppa. I grew up in a home where we would have a cuppa and a chat several times a day. There is something so refreshing and comforting about kicking back for 15 minutes, savouring your favourite brew.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to a really ugly stain on the inside of your tea and coffee cups. They just look really gross. If you’ve ever been served a delicious hot drink in a stained mug, you will know what I mean when I talk about that uncomfortable feeling of wondering if the cup you just drank from was really actually clean…

DSC_0551 (2)Rest assured if you’ve had this happen to you at my place, the mugs were clean! In fact they’d been through the dishwasher numerous times just to be sure! At the time I was using some home-made dishwasher tablets, which did the job moderately well, but were just not quite up to cutting through tea stains. I intend to re-visit home-made dishwasher tablets in the near future, but that’s another story altogether.

The brown stains in my lovely mugs were really getting to be a bit much, and I knew I had to do something. Serving my friends tea was just getting embarrassing!

Me being the quirky person I am, I couldn’t just use any old detergent. It had to be natural and healthy! Not to mention cost effective. My regular detergent (yes, this one is store bought and synthetic. Not quite that alternative – yet!) just wasn’t doing the job. These stains were tough. Baked on from the heat of the dishwasher’s drying cycle. I had a go at scrubbing them off with a scourer, and whilst it worked it involved an awful lot of work to be effective. I needed something that was more lazy efficient!

DSC_0553Enter my favourite fizzing duo – Vinegar and bi-carb soda!

First things first, give each mug a light rinse with water, just to make the inside damp enough for some bi-carb soda to ‘stick’ to all stained surfaces.

Pop roughly 1 tablespoon of bi-carb into each mug, and tap the mug lightly on its side with your hand as you work the bi-carb around all stained surfaces. Much like if you were flouring a greased cake tin.

DSC_0552 (2)

It’s a little hard to see, but there is bi-carb soda in the base of these mugs, and a little bit dusting all the stains.

Next, using a trigger sprayer liberally coat all the bi-carb with plain vinegar. It will fizz and bubble and look really cool. If you have little cleaning helpers they will probably really love watching this stage! The chemical reaction that occurs is what really helps to get into the stain and lift it off the surface of the mugs.


I left my mugs sitting and soaking in the vinegar/bi-carb solution on my sink for a little while, then just grabbed a plastic scourer and lightly scrubbed round the inside of each mug before rinsing. The undissolved bi-carb is quite abrasive, so helps to lift any remaining stuck stains.

The results were so impressive, my mugs came out sparkling clean! Check out the results below:

DSC_0555 (2) There you go, a super fast kitchen hack that will revive even the most stained mug 🙂 And yes, we went back to using commercial dishwasher tablets at my hubby’s request…


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