Nightshade free Australian chips alert!

Hi all my fellow nightshade intolerant friends!

Potato chips are one of my favourite (now off-limits) treats.

I was so excited when my hubby came home with a delicious alternative the other day!

Grainwaves Sea Salt & Black Pepper

These wholegrain chips are so delicious, and the best part is they are totally safe if you are nightshade intolerant, like me. Most wholegrain chips have got the sneaky ingredient Paprika as a colouring (160c), but not these crunchy little bites of deliciousness!

Ok, I’m a little excited. But it’s hard not to be when you’ve been deprived of potato crisps for almost two years!

Currently available at:




You’re welcome 🙂

Please note that these are a treat, so not technically a frugal choice! However, we all need to live a little sometimes…


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