Money saving minute

I was picking up a couple of groceries on Wednesday and did my usual sweep through the meat section, to see if there were any markdowns worth purchasing. I always do this when I’m at the supermarket, with meat being so expensive these days I only buy what I can get on sale or marked down. I have found this a great way to get some of the dearer cuts of meat, when they are just about to go out of date I grab them and pop in my freezer.

I got lucky on Wednesday and found two trays of lamb chops marked down, one worked out to $6.50/kg, and the other $7.50/kg. My ballpark range for meat is usually no higher than $7/kg, so I was pretty pleased!

I kept what I needed for the following night’s tea in the fridge, and packed the remaining chops into the freezer ready for another day.

We fried up enough chops to go with some veg for Thursday night’s tea, a special treat since I’ve started primarily serving up casserole type meals these days! However, always on the lookout for a way to make my meat stretch further, I saved all the bones out of the fried chops and put them into another freezer bag labelled ‘soup bones’.

This morning I sliced off the meat from the remaining cooked chops and made up a hearty lamb stew to take to a friend’s place for lunch, along with a loaf of home-made bread. The rest of the bones are now in the freezer ready for cooking up a delicious lamb stock soup base.

This budget cooking venture is so simple! All it takes is a little extra time, and learning to look at every part of the food you buy as a potential meal. So much of what we would normally throw away can become half of tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. Hope that helps as you try to feed your family on a budget 🙂IMGP5098

Delicious lamb stew – recipe coming soon!


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