Chicken (Casserole) Tonight!

Scrumptious Chicken Casserole

Friday night is Bible study night in our house. My hubby usually gets home quite late , and we have to be out the door in less than half an hour on Fridays so I try to have meals pre-done.

I decided on chicken casserole for tonight’s tea, and popped it in the crock pot around 3pm to be ready for a 7pm dinner.

Trying to keep it really simple and cheap, without skimping on flavour is not that hard with a few seasonings! Chicken is also one of the cheapest meats I can get, with a 2kg bulk bag of drumsticks from Aldi working out to just $3/kg. I had pre-cooked all the drumsticks yesterday in my crock and then shredded the meat off the bone to make it go further. The bones were used to make up some chicken stock overnight. I have started adding tinned beans to my meals to stretch the meat further as well, beans come in at under $2 a kg so they are a fantastic way to feel more full for your money!

Beans and spices add great value

Ok, quick calculation to see if this comes in as a cost-effective meal:

Chicken, roughly 200g: $0.60

1/4 celery bunch: $0.33

Onion: $0.20

Sweet potato roughly 300g: $0.90

Tinned beans: $0.75

Seasoning approx: $0.05

Chicken Stock approx: $0.20

I make that a grand total of $3.03, plus whatever it cost to run the crock for 4 hours. I’ll calculate that later… But wow! $3.03 for a casserole that will easy feed myself, hubby, and mini me for at least two full meals! Not bad, that works out to roughly $0.75/serve (if we feed bub off one of our plates). If I could feed all three of us at that rate 3 times a day that works out to just $47.38 a week.

All those prices are really rough guesstimates since I didn’t take the time to weigh all my ingredients when putting the casserole together. But it’s a pretty close guess, and I think you get a good idea of how cost-effective this kind of cooking can be.

I’ll be serving this up with some fresh baked sourdough bread covered in butter tonight. Yum 🙂


Half a dozen celery stalks

1 large brown onion

1 small sweet potato

1-1 1/2 cups shredded cooked chicken

Tinned beans

1/4 cup chicken stock


Herbamare and pepper to taste

Mixed herbs


Bay leaf


Finely dice vegetables, the smaller they are the quicker they cook.

Beans and spices add great value

Throw all ingredients into your crock pot, season to taste, stir to combine then pop the lid on and go have a cuppa!

cuppa and drawing

It’s never too soon for another cuppa


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