Chokos in my kitchen

I picked up three chokos from a neighbour’s place a few weeks ago for $1. I was stopped to pick up some raw honey from their roadside stall and saw they were selling chokos as well. I had a spare dollar in cash so popped it into their honesty box as well. I figured I’d be able to put the chokos to good use as a filler in whatever main meals I was making over the next few days.Fresh Chokos

Fast forward two or three days and I realised I could get even more value out of that dollar if I only ate one of the chokos, and sprouted the other two to grow my own!

Sprouting chokos

With this goal in mind, I went to work on the remaining two chokos, nurturing them with tender loving care until they slowly sprouted…

Actually, the ‘tlc’ went as far as picking the two chokos up and dumping them on my windowsill. There they sat for *approximately* 3 weeks (give or take several days, I really wasn’t keeping count). The result was amazing!

Chokos are such hardy things, and the amount of growth they put out whilst sitting un-tended on my kitchen bench was quite remarkable. The job now is to get them out to the garden and plonk them into a couple of holes before they run out of energy.

So, if you are wanting a super easy *science experiment*/kitchen garden, I would highly recommend picking up a choko or two from your local supermarket. Or neighborhood stall, while it’s choko season. You’ll know, everyone will be trying to sell them! Chokos are ridiculously prolific, so anyone who’s got a vine will be trying to sell off the excess.

They look so alien with their curled in lips and long tentacles! Always reminded me of a grandfather without dentures when I was a child 🙂



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